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About this blog

The chronicles of Zapp


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Secure the Bag

10 Whitelist Packs Secured                                                      It's official! I was lucky enough to be gifted a White List entry from a very good friend. I just had to buy all 10! I'll be giving 5 to another friend, and opening 5 for myself. Man... the Public Drop cannot come soon enough! I want to open these damn things!            

Order Placed & Cards Received!

Order Placed & Cards Received!                                     Well, it's officially time I start blogging about my journey into HRO. As a lot of you know, I couldn't stop placing HRO orders - and am due to receive about 1000 cards when shipping begins in April. I got the opportunity to get my hands on a few from someone who was lucky enough to get a 24 pack from an event, so I jumped on it. I just received my cards today in the mail, and let me tell you, they do not disap

The Day I Broke Pairology

HAPPY SUNDAY - A MEMOIR  It was like any other day. Woke up, checked market prices, proceeded to vomit, and got myself a cup of coffee.  I sat down to do some work, and didn't.  After my tiring day - I decided I would hop on Pairology World to do some testing. Uploaded a new banner, accepted some friend requests, and put some tasty licks on the page for y'all to jam to 🎶. Everything was going great...until it wasn't. I figured "Hey, why don't I upload my Rainbow Pairolog

HRO & DC NFT Trading Cards

Welp…I know absolutely nothing about them but I ordered myself a booster box 😂.  I think these will be more up my alley - I know none of the new Pokémon and never got into Magic the Gathering - so this is the next best thing 🤙🏼

Pairology Baby!

Well, Phase 1 is underway - Big ups to the Tester family. Might as well chronicle my time with Pairology, right here 😉  Happy hunting, friends.        

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World Chat Room

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Be happy and show some love & respect to all.

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