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About this blog

Sports Card Collector's 


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Future of Veve and HRO

I created this blog so everybody can make predictions on what will happen with Veve NFT's and HRO NFT's in two years. I would love to hear from other community members on their thoughts on where these two amazing projects will be in 2 years. I started my journey with Veve in mid October and it has definitely had it's up and downs. I'm still very optimistic with Veve's future but as many members I'm fairly new to this space. I feel like I'm learning something new everyday. I'm also an early

Sport Card Collector Space

I made this blog for people in this wonderful community that would like to share their sports cards and talk about the value of their collection or get tips about what they can get graded or what they should buy or sell. I have been collecting sports cards for about 15 years and have had some very nice cards during this time but I've never been fortunate to get many of the superstar autographs. I will be sharing some of my best cards soon and I hope to see some of your collection. Lets get this

World Chat Room

World Chat Room

Chatroom Rules

Be happy and show some love & respect to all.

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