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About this blog

Island boy here! I blog about NFTs, Cars, Racing, Gaming and Metaverse burnouts!! 😁🏝️





Entries in this blog

We're still having a good time, right?

Our very own Mr. SR once told me "We live for the thrill"   As someone who joined around the first Golden Moment drops, I met Veve at the time when Risk was low and Reward was high. With that low risk and high reward came bots, users cheating the system and a host of other technical gremlins. This was the time when Veve development came to a complete standstill, promises but no real activity other than drops. From a business standpoint I can understand the reason, why would you fix the

Everyone is wrong about Star Wars.

Being in the Veve community during Star Wars Celebration month and release of the Obi-Wan series has opened my eyes to a gritty reality. That Science/Fantasy and Superhero/Animation cultures are not as close as we want to believe, especially in the 20-30 age group. I initially didn't believe this, I saw C-3PO and R2D2 holding the 2nd and 3rd spots in the top Golden Moments of all time which they have held to this day. In a bull market, we were open to the idea of other fandoms surpassing ou


BanditL33t in Disney

Motorsports in the Metaverse!

UPDATED 13/04/2022  I am an avid follower of Formula 1 and bunch of other motorsports. So you know I've been following how motorsport has been progressing in the NFT space! Motorsports fans have long been in the collectible space. I myself own a few collectible race-cars and over 30 autographed driver cards ranging from rookie DTM drivers to Formula E team principles and loads in between. Don't think lightly of racing as a market for NFTs, Formula 1 was the fastest-growing major sports leag


BanditL33t in Sports

NFT Drop Systems 101

Latency is the length of time a request takes to communicate with the intended server, and then the time it takes to deliver that response to the client. It's easy to visualize if you think of a relay race. The baton is the request and the runners are your internet, how fast they run is dependent on your internet speed and how far they need to run is dependent on your proximity to the server (or the closest access point). The total length of time is called 'ping'. All NFT platforms have som


BanditL33t in Drop System

What's coming in M A Y ?!?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away....   "M A Y" 😂...who really knows what he meant. But I'm gonna guess anyways! Welcome friends, to another in my series of drop speculations based on cutting edge 'research' and stuff 😅 If you are really new to Veve or missed the last couple of months, we got a couple more Golden Moments for Valentine's Day, then another set called "Duos" which was dropped for no specific date or reason at all. So who are we to think that the powerf


YES! WE COULD POSSIBLY HAVE TEN MORE MICKEYS Veve has recently that the Mickey Mouse Collection will be getting a new addition! The Band Concert was a short animated film released in 1935, this is an extremely well known mickey which was the inspiration for the more modern band leader Mickey that most of us will know. But what if I told you that Disney has already made a Mickey Collection in this order?  Check this out. Disney has already collated in this Funko P


BanditL33t in Disney

What to expect from DS Automobile and Citroën on VEVE

In December 2021, we got two major updates from Veve's official medium articles. These were partnerships with two major French Automakers, namely Citroën and DS Automobiles. This article will cover what could possibly be in store for us from these two giant companies. The Road so Far So far the cars on Veve have all been iconic, historic and pop culture rich. The DeLorean time machine from General Motors is an absolute cutural icon for all those who know of the 1985 Back to the Future

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