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About this blog

The thoughts of an idiot on Veve. Just kidding. The thoughts of someone participating in the Veve Hunger Games.

Entries in this blog

Why am I Still on Veve?

Me getting a visit from Veve Claus pretty much cements why I still bother with it. That and the fact I'm in love with my Mighty Deadpool Army and my Pili Fantasies. As someone that doesn't care about MTL, I stay on Veve honestly because of the fun. I don't own any Todds, SR comics or Partners or UR Vaders. I don't have the means to get any of those things. But I love my collection. I love the community (outside of those that do nothing but talk about Grails all day long lol).  Why do Y

What Veve Collectible Would You Want for YOUR Birthday, Vevefam?

I saw a Pairology article on the home page that mentioned something about an NFT and a birthday. With mine on June 25th, I couldn't help but wonder: what would I want from Veve for my birthday? I know we can't transfer collectibles at the moment, Vevefam, but this is just for fun. If money wasn't an object, I'd say Nightwing. But honestly, I'd be happy with another Common Mighty Deadpool. I can't ever have enough of those. Enough about me, though. What would YOU want from Veve for your birt

The Power of the Veve Community and a Simple Act of Kindness

Santa Claus visited me yesterday.  Crazy, I know, but here me out. I was on the clock yesterday, at my work-from-home job. I tweeted about me having spent all my gems on Mighty Deadpools, and out of nowhere, Santa Claus appeared. Without me asking for anything at all. Near the end of a stressful and lonely work week, Santa Claus reminded me that there truly is still good left in this world. He just said 'here' and bounced. And let me tell you, I cried. Not just a little bit, either. I was s

It's Been a While. Is the Journey Over?

Not at all. It's just that life has been pretty aggravating, to say the least. Working and constantly being sad + exhausted bogged me down for quite a while. I use a particular device to log onto my Pairology blog, but haven't had the drive to use said device until today. I've been running rampant on Twitter, but haven't forgotten my Pairology friends. I'm grateful to anyone that still shares their Pairology journey with me. I haven't forgotten this place and promise I won't any time soon.

What is your personal grail, VeVefam?

Before Thor rocks everyone's world, VeVefam, I want you to take a moment to reflect on your collection. Regardless of how small you think it is, take a good, long look at it. Look at how far you've come, whether you joined Veve last month, last week or this week. Focus on your favorite comic or collectible. Go through your collection and determine what a grail is for you. David Yu is adamant about VeVe being a place whether collectors gather. Where collectors fall deeper into love with thei

Which One Made Me More Bullish on Veve: The AMA or Randy Chavez's Interview with Yu?

Vevefam, I think you can tell from the thumbnail which one made me more bullish. As a small-budget guppie, I'm not the least bit concerned with cash-out. I'm looking forward to the features we have yet to see, like comics in our showrooms. Upgrades to the app. Seeing the website come to life. So imagine my excitement when all I got out of the AMA was Alex saying 'yeah, we're just gonna cater to the crybabies crying about cash-out. MCP? Comics in showroom? What are those? We're just working

VeVe Goldfish: Can't get the Star Wars SR? Feel like your comic collection is lame?

So the Star Wars comic drop happened. And now people are going bonkers over the SR. SR this, SR that. Gotta have the SR. It's going to the moon. Better sell your house, your first unborn child and your soul or else you'll be left out. You feel like everyone won't stop talking about it on Twitter, Youtube, and the VeVe feed. But you missed out on the drop, and your gem account won't even allow you to look at the SR. Or the UR. It may not even allow you to look at the Rare. Because not everyone ha

Thoughts on the Star Wars Comic Drop.

So the Force was with us on May 4th. Everyone was decked out in either their Jedi gear or their Darth Vader gear. Lightsabers were everywhere at Disneyland. People watched every last one of the Star Wars movies, and some even watched the extra special Director's Cuts with four hours of commentary. People played the new Lego Star Wars game and fell madly in love with it. Then, of course, there was the Star Wars comic drop. The hype was definitely there on May the 4th, but truth be told,

Current State of Veve, Post AMA: Doctor Strange and the Mysteries of May

We're on the brink of discovering the mysteries of the universe. With the Eye of Time, we'll be able to go where we've never gone before. But as we teeter on the edge of a new age, we've got other mysteries to ponder on. The AMA left us with quite a bit to think about, particularly for those of us guppies that can't invest a lot of money into the app. With May right around the corner, promising to shower us in surprises, we've got a lot of planning to do. With updates on MCP, Artists' Alley

Quiet Before the Storm? The Night Before Christmas? Or will the Silence Continue?

There's a wave of silence currently flowing through the Veve community, despite comic drops and Star Wars rumors. So much is up in the air, and so many possibilities are dangled right in front of us. Are we on the brink of a new drop system? Are we finally getting comics in our showrooms? Are they about to announce a new IP? Or are we simply going to continue being left in the dark about everything?  When it comes to Veve, we honestly haven't seen anything yet. Those of us that joined Veve

A Goldfish’s Struggles Continue.

Veve gives me something to look forward to every week. I love being a part of the community. I love seeing how creative you guys are with your showrooms. But at the same time, it makes me incredibly sad. It reminds me of my long list of short-comings. I’m excited about what could possibly happen this weekend, with Doctor Strange and Star Wars being strong possibilities. I’m no whale. I feel as though I have a lot of power in the palm of my hand, and I only have 101 gems at the time of this

My Thoughts on the Current State of VeVe, Post Villains Drop

The Queens of Evil invaded VeVe this weekend, and a sense of quiet has fallen over the land. We’ve got a comic drop tomorrow, but the build up to a comic drop pales in comparison to the build up a collectible drop. Collectible drops have the community rushing forth to share creative and clever showrooms. Meanwhile, comic drops amount to the VeVefam going ‘lookie, I got x, y, and z’ and that’s it. So in the wake of the Reign of Terror, brought on by the new villainous Disney Queens, I’m anxious t

Vevefam: Is your favorite collectible undervalued? Underappreciated? I feel you.

So Moon Knight is a thing. Everyone loves the show. Everyone thinks he's hot. Everyone's stacking the Veve comic. But the Moon Knight collectibles are pretty much worth pennies. Especially the Common. If you take a look at the Moon Knight hype, though, Common Moon should easily be at least 100-200 gems. Vevefam, you may see things like this: these prices allow those with tiny budgets to stack. This market allows us to stack our favorite heroes, if we have the budgets for stacking, so w

Current State of VeVe: Post Captain America's Death

Captain America has been laid to rest. Well, at least his story arc has. I haven't actually read any of the comics, so I don't know if Cap actually kicked the bucket or not. I just collected the comics because I had a few gems on the side, it was fun to actually get drops again, and I adored the covers. The common covers were actually pretty fire for this arc. But the arc has finally come to an end. So how are things now?  There's still a lot up in the air. There's still a lot of impro

Thoughts on Veve, Post-Batman Drop

The Dark Knight hit the streets of Gotham today. And from the looks of things, his crime-fighting spree was met with resounding victory.  There were an abundance of green trucks today on my Twitter feed, accompanied by even more excitement and relief. Relief from being able to enjoy the Veve experience again, after wrestling with so many bots and the unknown. Things are definitely looking up in Gotham City today, and I fervently hope they stay that way. Something interesting happened t

Veve: It's a Huge Mess, but it Helps. It Helps Me Feel Better.

I just got paid, and I'm about to go shopping. Not IRL, though. Here's the thing: I just got paid $1,200, and had $1,660 this morning. Thanks to a $1,300 rent payment and other bills, I now have very little in my account. In mere hours, my checking account has been whittled down to almost nothing. I know I'm a part of the club that suffers the same fate on payday (paid one minute, back to being broke the next), but seeing the difference in my Chase notifications in just a few hours makes me

Current State of Veve, from a Goldfish's Perspective

After a long week of the Anti-Bot Crusade, the AMA and Moon Knight's grand entrance, I think we can all agree that it has been a rather interesting week on Veve.  When it comes to the Anti-Bot Crusade, it's nice to see that actual humans have scored big lately. I adopted Moon Knight from the market, because I struck out on the drop, but seeing so many green trucks on Twitter, and seeing so much excitement and hope flooding my Twitter feed after each drop, really does revitalize the experien

Being a Goldfish in an Ocean full of Whales

I was born on November 7th, 2021. Not 'me' me. The Veve me. I was born into the world of 'premiere digital collectibles' on November 7th. And let me tell you, it's been one hell of a journey. One I would like to chronicle. Here's the thing about me, though. I'm not one of those big-name influencers with fifteen Todds and a stack of Marvel #1 comics. I'm not into Veve just to flip, nor am I living for cash-out. I'm 'invested' in Veve because of the collectibles and the community. The people

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