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About this blog

Don't make the mistake of just over buying on the Veve app. I'm an OG. Been with the app since the beginning. I'm going to talk about Secrets that allow you to make the most of the money that you have.

Entries in this blog

Day 1

Take the amount of money that you have. Say it's 500 bucks. Divide the 500 by how many collectable nft's that you want to own. Let's say it's 25 collectables. You realize the more you own, will better in the long run. If you divide 25 into 500 you get 20 bucks. So this shows you can buy 25 nft's on Veve at the average price of 20 dollars or less. You can easily accomplish this in one day on the Veve app. Download it on the android play store and or apple store. Hope this helps. Thank you for rea

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World Chat Room

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