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New Users Guide - Must Own Comics




 This blog is brought to you by Anker type c or lightning to ethernet cable. Lower your ping and increase your drop odds by grabbing one on Amazon today.

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 As a new user you may not understand the digital comic structure that Veve has developed. Each comic that is dropped by Veve is fully readable in both AR and Veve's staged environment. The comics are the original stories developed by the amazing writers and artists at Marvel. Each comic comes in five rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare, Secret Rare) and odds of receiving one of these depends on their rarity. The cost for a comic drop is 6.99 gems and total numbers available will vary (10,000, 30,000, 60,000, 75,000 editions). Starting with Fantastic Four #13, Veve has released exclusive covers for the Rare and Ultra Rare Variants. Hopefully this article provides some valuable insight on where your best value can be found in the marketplace. As always this is not financial advice.




 The first three comics dropped on Veve were Marvel Comics #1, Fantastic Four # 1 and Journey into Mystery #85. All of these are golden age comics dropped with 60,000 editions. MC #1 is the holy grail of comics on Veve with the Secret Rare variant reaching an all time high of 75,000 gems. The common is down 135% from it's all time high of 900 gems. Tight now is the time to stack these as it could have an ROI upwards of 150-200% in the long term.


 Fantastic Four #1 is also considered a blue chip grail comic and is primed to rise. The secret rare reached a high of 25k gems and has settled comfortably at 15,000-20,000. The common variant is down 220% from its high of 400 gems, and is currently sitting at 125 gems in the marketplace. This is an opportunity to stack and see insane ROIs of 200%+.


 The most undervalued of the three would be Journey into Mystery #85. The secret rare variant recently reached an all time high of 7,500 gems and has dropped back down to 3,000 during the latest squeeze. Probably the biggest opportunity will come from the common variant as it currently is sitting at a floor of 54 gems. A rise in price to 250 gems is not out of the picture and this would have an ROI of 400%.




 The amazing Spiderman # 1 is another grail piece that is a must own for any collector. The secret rare variant is one of the most valuable comics available on Veve with an all time high of 40,000 gems and currently sitting at 11,000 gems during the squeeze. The common edition is easily stackable at a floor price of 160 gems but could easily see an ROI of 200% in the long term.




 Avengers #8 is the first 10,000 edition comic drop which provides scarcity. This is an amazing and rare comic IRL which only increases its appeal. The secret rare variant reached a high of 38,000 before dropping back down to 11,000 currently. The common variant is available for a reduced price of 315 gems, which is down 177% from its high of 875 gems. You can expect a similar ROI once the market stabilizes.


Fantastic Four #5


 Dr. Doom, that is all that needs to be said. FF #5 is the first appearance of one of the most recognizable super villains in comics. This comic was released with 30,000 editions which provide a decent amount of scarcity while not causing a huge gap in the market. The secret rare hit a high of 17,500 gems before the gem squeeze caused it to come back down to 5,500. The variants to target would be the common (floor of 122 gems) and the ultra rare (floor of 750 gems). The common is down 186% and the ultra rare is down 140% which provide huge upside for ROI in the long term.




 Ultimate Fallout #4 is the first appearance of a version of Spiderman from the multiverse, Miles Morales. Miles Morales has a very large following in the MCU which is not lost within Veve. This comic was dropped with 30,000 editions and was an immediate success as it had an ROI of 3000% after drop. In my opinion the two variants with the highest upside would be the common and rare. The common currently has a floor of 109 and could see a short term ROI of 175%. The rare currently sits at a floor of 380 gems and could see a short term ROI of 70-80%.




 Fantastic Four #13 is the first comic dropped by Veve that included original cover art produced by Veve. The rare and ultra rare variants showcase this artwork in black and white as well as full color format. The ultra rare is highly sought after and held a gem high of 1,800. The floor price is currently at 730 and could see an ROI upwards of 150%.


Daredevil #1


 The first appearance of Daredevil is a silver age comic that has a big following within Veve. The common variant saw a gem high of 300 before it settled down to its current floor of 95 gems. This variant carries the highest ROI potential in the short term which is expected to be 80-100%.


 There are currently over 55 comics on the Veve platform to choose from. Currently there is no definitive way to accurately grade these comics as they are IRL, although there are some very talented influencers who have done a great job providing insight. Comics and Crypto have put out a full ranking system for the top 50 comics and have provided insight on possible value as it relates to real world prices. They are worth a follow on all social platforms for comic based information. As always it is your decision as to what peaks your interest and my goal is to provide valuable content to you. All the comics to choose from, the only question is which one will you pick first?


 Stay tuned for more comic breakdowns in future blogs. Follow me on Twitter and IG @veverob.


"All information provided in this blog post is intended to provide the writer’s opinion. No information should be considered financial advice."

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