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Veve Market FOMO - How to Navigate It




This blog is brought to you by Anker type c or lightning to ethernet cable. Lower your ping and increase your drop odds by grabbing one on Amazon today.


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 We are coming to the end of Black History Month and in turn a major market gem squeeze. During the month of February we have seen a market drop of up to 70%, causing massive FOMO. The question is what can we see after this last push of the month?


 Barring any surprises, Veve will be ending the month with two separate 007 drops. February 26th at 8 am PST, Veve will drop Bond's iconic Aston Martin DB5 in static format. At 12 pm PST they will also drop 2 animated versions, as secret rare editions. I do not believe that these drops will cause a larger dip in the market than we are already seeing. If Veve announces a large surprise drop, such as Miles Morales Spiderman, then we could see another massive sell-off to gem up.


 My prediction is that we will see another drop or two before the month is out. I do not believe that we will see a large enough collectible announcement that it will warrant a large-scale sell-off. Once we move into March we should see the marketplace start to normalize. What should you be doing between now and then? Start taking advantage!


 Market value is at a prime place to buy right now. Major collectibles, such as Batman #100 (⬇️ $2800), available for a fraction of their all time high. This is the time for a collector looking to stack or build their profile. I would not be one of those community members that are panic selling their Blue Chips, thinking that Veve is failing. The OG's of this community are staying put, not selling anything and buying up all of the more valuable items.


 "What are the greatest value buys on the app?" Some of the best buys on the app right now would be as follows:


  • Disney lenticular-style interactive cards. All Variants. ⬇️ 60%

  • Steamboat Willie. All Variants. ⬇️ 51%

  • Black Panther. Common Variant. Recent drop by heavily undervalued.

  • USPS DOTD Stamp. Common Variant. ⬇️ 48%.

  • Green Goblin Mighty. ⬇️ 49%.

  • Spiderman 2099. ⬇️ 60%.

  • Marvel Comics #1. Common Variant. ⬇️ 67%.

  • Journey into Mystery #85. Ultra Rare and Secret Rare Variants. ⬇️ 25%.


 These are just a few of the deals you can find right now within the market. There is a ton of FUD on social media right now but do not read into it. One could use this time to fill their bags and ride off into the sunset once the market bounces back.


 Please give me a follow on Twitter, @veverob and on Instagram, @veverobb


"All information provided in this blog post is intended to provide the writer’s opinion. No information should be considered financial advice."

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