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Back in Novemeber I stumbled upon a site called Veve. I friend told me you could buy collectibles. Right away I jumped on Google Play and downloaded the app. I come to learn that they are partnered with brand's such as Marvel, DC and Disney. They have "drops" which gives you an opportunity to land a collectible, such as Wonder Woman. Currently they sell out in a matter of seconds. But fortunately if you miss, you are able to pick up on the Market Place! 


If that wasn't interesting enough, I discovered you can take pictures in REAL LIFE with our favorite Superheroes!! Veve has become a big part of our household. Our outings have never been more exciting! Some collectibles are even animated and can move standing beside you. 


On a recent outing to the bowling alley, Elsa decided to join in a picture with my son and niece! They were extremely excited to see them selves standing next to the beautiful Queen. 


Phastos from Marvel Mighties also planned his next strike. 


The possibilities are ENDLESS when it comes to the different scenes you can create using the on app AR. Everytime we head to the park or just a simple drive my children want me to snap them with their on app buddies. A recent road trip my son got to pose with Black Panther!

You are also able to make "showrooms". I have seen so many insane creations from people popping up everywhere. It is just incredible what you can do. Here I made a simple showroom with my collectibles. 


Here is a link to Veve Official where you will have so much fun like me and my children!!! 


VE-VE is an app-based marketplace for premium licensed digital collectibles. With VE-VE, users can obtain common...

Thank you for taking the time to read!!!

Let me know if you joined and have any cool pictures to share as well! 🥰🥰


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This is adorable 😻. Love to see your family having such a fun time with your collection. Thats what Veve is all about. I'll definitely come back here to share some of mine 😁


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Great post TL!! It really is so awesome how we can take our collectibles with us wherever we go, and scale them to whatever size we prefer.  Glad to see the kiddos enjoying them as well!! 🥰 

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