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Ranking Golden Moments on VeVe using Tiermaker




Have you been around Twitter lately? If so, you might have seen the newest trend from the VeVe community. Ranking Disney's Golden Moments. Mine might look a little different than everyone else's. I didn't necessarily take into consideration number of mints, and rather, I ranked them based on my own take on their individual popularity. The little girl in me definitely had some influence here as well.  

So where can you make your own tier list? You can do so on the website,


It's a neat website that's already designed with tiers ranked from S, Superior all the way down to a D rank. So where do your Golden Moments rank in the list? 

If you want to see my ranking, you can watch me rank the Golden Moments in my new video. 

Let me know when you've done yours. I'd love to see it!


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Great ranking.🔥


I used the link and made one myself and it was so much fun.

We did put many of them in the same rank, but I did put Elsa and Winnie on S rank next to Walt because for me they both have some high emotional value. 🔥


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Its so hard to decide how to rank them. All GM are so beautiful and everyone has a diffrent emotional bond to every GM. I collect what I like, but love to see all the diffrent rankings!

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