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You may be asking yourself, “Why does artwork in Veve matter?” Art is very important to society as a whole as it conveys many different messages within one medium. Art pieces have been made by man dating back 45,500 years and it predates organized language as the primary mode of communication. In the present, Art is a multi-million dollar industry that spans multiple different classes within our communities. This being said, an entirely new group of collectors can make their way into the platform, and with it possibly a higher floor for these pieces. Let's take a look at some of the physical pieces from our top App artists and their highest retail.


Gary Baseman - Lladro The Guest Figurine, Retail $3,975


 Gary Baseman Is an artist from the United States that combines pop culture and fine art to illustrate the beauty of the bittersweetness of life. Baseman recently released his signature character, Toby, to the Veve community and it has had mixed reviews. One concern that the community has is the fact that there are no distinguishable differences between the different variants of the piece outside of its position. This has been off putting to collectors that like to have some kind of variety within a specific collection. In my opinion I think that the piece is visually stunning and captures exactly what the artist intended to convey. Gary Baseman’s physical pieces can fetch a pretty penny with the “Liadro The Guest” Figurine going for $3,975. This may not translate to these numbers within the App but we could see a nice increase in the floor prices for this piece in the coming months.


Jermaine Rogers - Bowie(2004), Retail $1,000


 If you have not heard this name then you have been living under a rock. Jermaine Rogers is an American Artist who has a unique and dark style to his work. Jermaine has been around for a minute in the art world and has established himself as one of the most recognizable people within the album art community. He has created iconic pieces for classic artists like David Bowe and The Beatles to newer acts like Deftones and Nine Inch Nails. Jermaine already has a cult-like following within Veve with his choices series. He has also released the Creeping Daro and the Veil: Specimen series. If we look at his physical pieces, the Bowie(2004 print recently sold for $1,000. These amazing collections are steals at the current prices and will definitely rise significantly in the coming months.


Frank Kozik - Nirvana Poster(1993), Retail $5,500


 Another O.G. in the Veve community, Frank Kozik is an American Artist best known for his Album art for Alternative Rock bands. Frank has provided us with his iconic style with the three Labbits series within the platform. These are beautiful pieces that look amazing within the showrooms and IRL through AR. Frank has also teased that there will be some kind of breeding program within Veve that will allow you to combine two different styles of Labbit to produce a completely new variant. One of the most iconic physical pieces that Frank has produced was his Nirvana(1993) Album print, which sold for $5,500. The Labbits has always been a good buy on the App but with the added utility that has been teased, the prices could skyrocket. Get them while you can.


Mondo - The Thing Print, Retail $5,000


 Mondo is well known for their amazing movie posters primarily based on cult classics. These highly collectible prints were one of the first art pieces to come to Veve. Mondo uses a pop vintage style in their work to make the collection stand out. They have a wide variety of collections from prints, toys, album art and games. The most notable physical piece released by Mondo was “The Thing” movie print, which sold for $5,000.


Givenchy - Art Print by Knight Russell, Retail $875


 Givenchy is a French Luxury Clothing and Perfume company that was established in 1952. They have recently partnered with Rewind Collective to produce one of a kind NFTs. This Brand is not known much for their artwork but more so for their clothing line. The most iconic print that they had was a photograph of a model in front of the Givenchy building shot by Knight Russell. This photo sold for $875 and has been featured in multiple magazines. The pieces that have come into Veve by these two brands command a large following and floor price. We are about to see the second series dropped by Rewind collective and it is anticipated to mirror the value of the first.


Ron English - Designed Sofa, $180,000


  Ron Englished is one of the most well known and established artists on the Veve platform. His unique contemporary style has added a twist to nostalgic characters from our childhood. Ron is most well known for his “Cereal Killers” Collection, but his art branches multiple different forms of media. We have seen this recently with his Ukraine Relief prints which are amazing. One of his notable physical pieces, The Ron Englished Designed Sofa, is being sold for an amazing $180,000. I know that this may not directly translate to the content that we have within the app, but I can see some more, one of one style items coming from this great artist.


Tara McPherson - Love Blows, $1,000


   Tara McPherson’s art is breathtaking and imaginative. Her work is a combination of classic art, interpretation, and illustration which comes together to form some of the most stunning pieces on the app. Tara’s physical pieces command upwards of $1,000 and her auctioned items on the app are highly prized. This is the perfect NFT for those that are looking to start collecting pieces of digital art.


Tristan Eaton - Avengers Gold Foil Print, $6,999


  “Mind Blown”! This is the only way to describe the work that Tristan Eaton has put out. The murals that Tristan has created put classic fine art to shame and he continues to push the boundaries. His combination of pop culture and illustrative design add a unique look to his portfolio. We were able to see his unique style featured during D-Con, when he released his OG Devil Bunny Figure Series 1. His physical pieces can be found selling for thousands, with his Avengers Gold Foil Print going for $6,999.


 I could continue to break down every artist on the app but it would take all day. All you need to know is that Veve has an amazing selection of artists on the app and they continue to add more. I admit that I was not a big art collector prior to coming to Veve, but the quality of content and artists being presented has quickly made me join in. I would highly recommend grabbing the signature pieces now while they are affordable as I see them being worth a large amount once we enter the Veve Verse. If you don't believe me just ask Christies about some Apes that she was selling, IYKYK.


"All information provided in this blog post is intended to provide the writer’s opinion. No information should be considered financial advice."

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