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What's coming in M A Y ?!?



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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away....Β Β  "M A Y"

πŸ˜‚...who really knows what he meant. But I'm gonna guess anyways! Welcome friends, to another in my series of drop speculations based on cutting edge 'research' and stuff πŸ˜…


If you are really new to Veve or missed the last couple of months, we got a couple more Golden Moments for Valentine's Day, then another set called "Duos" which was dropped for no specific date or reason at all.

So who are we to think that the powerful Disney would let May the 4th, also known as Star Wars Day, pass by.Β  So let's do what we did for Mickey, and look at the most obvious places Disney/Veve has been using for inspiration so far.

In a nutshell from most to least likely we have:

  • Disney Fab 50 Collection (The Golden statues designed and placed around the theme parks that become GMs)
  • Disney Pewter Collections (the current Steam Boat Willie premium physical)
  • Other premium models

Disney's Fab 50 collection has been getting the most use out of all their collections. The models are IDENTICAL to the Golden Moment drops but they aren't exactly in the same order. See Winnie the Pooh for example, is the latest GM drop on Veve but was part of Series 1 of the Fab 50 collection. Notice Edna Mode is also there, her model was used to make a color version as the Ultra Rare of the Pixar set, clearly these models are highly valued by both Disney and Veve. I can guarantee we will see more of these as future Golden Moments or (very rare) collectibles.

Fab 50 Character Collection Series 1

Fab 50 Series 2, which is still not fully released, is where we see more familiar faces and the first of the Star Wars Golden Moment. R2D2 is there along with three other Golden Moments (Daisy, Timon and Pumba, and Lady and the Tramp). You see what I meant by the sequence, Series 2 has more Veve releases than Series 1, and there are still MANY more left to make future series.

Second Series of Golden Fab 50 Statue Pins Now Available at Walt Disney  World - WDW News Today

Now that I proved my point. We reach our first speculation for "M A Y" which is found in the picture below. I'll give you two seconds.

Found it yet?

Try the rightmost column, row 2.


Yup, BB-8.

BB-8 is the most likely drop for MAY, all the signs are there, GM dilution is clearly not an issue on Disney or Veve's mind. BB-8 will most likely be paired with something that isn't here. This has been done before with Iron Man and the Avengers Logo. R2D2 was paired with C-3PO who also isn't on this list, but... I did find him.

Now let's look at Disney's Pewter collection, which currently has the Steam Boat Willie premium physical and a very close model to the C-3PO Golden Moment. Won't lie to you, there are a LOT of them, and all of them equally likely to make an appearance come May the 4th. Some of the big hitters here are Han Solo in Carbonite, Yoda, Boba Fett, Rey, the Death Star and Chewbacca. How awesome would a Han and Chewie set be?! I'm excited just thinking about it.


BB-8 also makes an appearance in this set. He doesn't have many poses so I expect this is identical to the Fab 50 model, but the detail is superb.

BB-8 Pewter Figurine Container by Royal Selangor – Star Wars

Who doesn't appear in the pewter set? Darth Vader doesn't appear in either collection. So if they decide to drop him it will be a never before seen model. If anyone from Veve or Disney is reading this, Bandai has some really cool poses for Vader πŸ˜‰


Personally, if Disney chooses to ditch the Golden Moments and go for just an insanely modeled NFT.  I hope they choose the Millennium Falcon. Ain't she beautiful 😍

Β Millennium Falcon Pewter Replica by Royal Selangor – Star Wars – Limited Edition

Whatever they choose, I hope they do it well and with enough editions for the fans and collectors to get something.Β  I see May the 4th as a huge opportunity to onboard a lot of users to the platform and keep them here.

As you can tell, I am a huge Star Wars fan. But as a goldfish in the Veve ocean, I sadly have no Star Wars collectibles yet. Hope we can all change that come May the 4th.

And ... May the force be with you, Pairology family.

Edited by BanditL33t

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1 hour ago, Marsh said:



Thank you Mr. Marsh πŸ’™ Had fun with this one!

Whats your favorite SW character?

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I got college credit for taking a philosophy of Star Wars class - I’d love for them to drop more Star Wars collectibles!Β 

Thanks for sharing the info!!Β 

also, had to drop this here πŸ˜‰Β 

May Justin Timberlake GIF

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Ohhhhhhhhhh Im so ready for M A Y... In a couple of years we are going to be thankful we are this early! This fam gonnaΒ πŸš€

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I am excited for may!!! My husband is a huge darth vader fan! He dont like veve that much, so it would be amazing to gift him a darth vader collectible!! 😍

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