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Veve: It's a Huge Mess, but it Helps. It Helps Me Feel Better.




I just got paid, and I'm about to go shopping.

Not IRL, though. Here's the thing: I just got paid $1,200, and had $1,660 this morning. Thanks to a $1,300 rent payment and other bills, I now have very little in my account. In mere hours, my checking account has been whittled down to almost nothing. I know I'm a part of the club that suffers the same fate on payday (paid one minute, back to being broke the next), but seeing the difference in my Chase notifications in just a few hours makes me really sad. I'm 35 yrs old, but can't treat myself on payday. I have no friends to confide in, I've fallen out of reach with family members in another state, no significant other, no therapist, no pets, and life is often honestly uncomfortable and aggravating.

But Veve helps.

In a lot of ways, Veve is a huge mess. It's like a deck of scattered cards and milk splattered all over the walls. There's still bots. We don't know if we're ever getting comics in showroom. But even though my checking account has been whittled down to almost nothing, I have 83gems I can play with on Veve this weekend. I'm probably skipping the Batman drop (because who needs Batman? LOL) but I'm trying for the stamp and the Coke ones look so goofy, I'm actually intrigued by them. They look so incredibly wacky, they could actually be super cool. And if I get absolutely nothing on the drop this weekend, I may just adopt a rare Deadpool because NO ONE'S GIVING HIM A HOME LOL

I can't do any real retail therapy. I can't even put another 5 dollars into Veve. But I do have gems I can play with. And it's a huge buffer against what's going on in my outside life. I'm no whale with thousands of gems, but it's something.

My UR Pili Fantasy is out of reach, but I'm thinking about a rare Deadpool. Or maybe I'll just buy back the UR Echh comic I sold because of this weekend because I'm proud of that comic LOL. But you see? There's my outside life, and then there's me thinking about the messy fun that is Veve. Giveaways are currently in a coma, but there's still a lot of fun in the community, the excitement, and the drops. I don't have thousands of gems to spend. I can't put another $5 into the app. But I can have fun with what I have.

For someone that's sad and restless, that means something to me. The little I have in my Veve account means a lot to me.

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Totally agree. You don't need to be a whale to enjoy Veve. There are some collectibles and comics I really want to own, but it's ok not to own them. You can't have all your wishes come true. I adore the small collection i have and I'm not selling them any time soon. I only play with some gems, flipping here and there making little profits. Enjoy the ride

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Enjoy the ride! 

I’m part of the goldfish gang and have to remind myself all the time that I can’t go for everything! Invest in the collectibles and comics you like! That’s all that matters anyway. If you have a few gems to spare, maybe pick up some things you’ve noticed are trending the right direction to make some more gems back on! 

Good luck and I know you’ll get your UT pili! 

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