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  Are you looking for a trading card protection pack that includes card sleeves and PSA grade semi-rigid card protectors. Get yours today…. 


 If you haven't heard of this Company before don't worry as they are a new company that was created by Kolex. Kolex(Est. 2018), is a well established software company within the NFT space. It is because of their foothold in the space that Warner Bros/DC decided to partner with them on their first physical/digital NFt cards project. To this point NFTs have been largely one of one JPEG or GIFs that all seem to mimic one another. Enter the development of HRO and the take over of the NFT space.


What is HRO?


 HRO is a platform that combines digital assets with a physical in-store presence. The public has the opportunity to purchase physical DC branded card packs in-store and scan the QR code on the card to receive the matching NFT. HRO will also have in-app only digital drops that can be purchased that will give a set of random NFT cards based on that collection. If you didn't receive the card you wanted don't worry, HRO also has a secondary marketplace where you can buy and sell your cards. 


 HRO has put the competitive side of collecting at the forefront of their platform. HRO has created a ranking system in the App that allows users to rank up based on the collection that they hold. We are early but it seems like they will have a different ranking tier for each collection that they have. They may come out with an overall rank but as of now it is collection specific. Lastly, you are able to submit and receive trade offers for cards. This function is based on the specific tier card it is as to make it fair for everyone involved.


Where Can I Find HRO Physical Cards?


 After HRO launched on March 10, 2022, they had a pre-sale event through their website. You were able to purchase from up to five different pack sizes. As of now this event has sold out and is pending shipment. On April 8, 2022 HRO opened their retail units which will be available at Walmart stores across the U.S. They plan to branch out to major retailers such as Target and Amazon. HRO is also available at select retailers in the UK and will eventually be available globally.


What Differentiates The Cards And Collections?


  HRO has broken their card tiers down as follows:

  • Common: Grey - 1 bar

  • Uncommon: Green - 2 bars 

  • Superior: Blue - 3 bars 

  • Epic: Purple - 4 bars

  • Legend: Gold - 5 bars

  • Mythic: Gold - 5 bars and name of card in gold

  • Event Specific - 1 to 5 bars and name of card in red


Each card has its own total number of mints available, currently varying from 51546 to 100. The one exception was a one of one Batman that was released on the digital drop.


Can I Cash Out?


HRO allows you to cash out on their web platform or you can move your digital assets off app and on to the Immutable X platform. You have to complete KYC before you will have the option of cashing out. You must have at least $1 more than the withdrawal fee USD withdrawable Hro Balance to request a withdrawal. HRO currently only supports Wire Transfers but are exploring ACH/Crypto withdrawals.


 Once you initiate the withdrawal process HRO will review the request for any tampering or inconsistencies. Once this has been completed a confirmation email will be sent to the user stating that it has been processed. The typical time from start to finish is 10-20 business days but this does not take into account the processing time of your financial institution. Currently there is a $25 wire transfer fee that is assessed.


My Thoughts On HRO


 HRO hype is reminiscent of 1998 and the US introduction to Pokémon. The pre-sale on these cards went quickly and it sold out . Stores have already started to sell out of their stock just one day into retail drop. This is all I need to hear to know that this is an amazing project. The App has little to no issues which makes navigating it easy. The digital drop was visually stunning with their pack animations asset delivery. The simple marketplace structure makes it easy to find collectibles based on their collection and tier.


 I would give HRO a 9.5 out of 10 and other projects better take notice of what they are doing. I can see this project mooning and being one of the top NFT platforms in the space. If you have additional questions please visit HRO's website and navigate to their FAQ page,


"All information provided in this blog post is intended to provide the writer’s opinion. No information should be considered financial advice."

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