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Thoughts on Veve, Post-Batman Drop




The Dark Knight hit the streets of Gotham today. And from the looks of things, his crime-fighting spree was met with resounding victory. 

There were an abundance of green trucks today on my Twitter feed, accompanied by even more excitement and relief. Relief from being able to enjoy the Veve experience again, after wrestling with so many bots and the unknown. Things are definitely looking up in Gotham City today, and I fervently hope they stay that way.

Something interesting happened today, in addition to the Batman's many appearances. The marketplace went offline for a little while. While I would've preferred it if they had kept the market closed until nighttime or tomorrow morning, to really deal some damage against the bots, I can't help but be hopeful over the measures the team has taken. I don't think the bad guys would prioritize stamps and weird Coca Cola collectibles, so they may calm down a little bit tomorrow, but I'd like to also think that Veve's anti-bot crusade is working.

Even if its just working a little bit.

Either that or they took the marketplace offline for absolutely no reason whatsoever LOL. I'd like to think they're secretly hammering away at the nasties. Particularly since a few pieces, like the Bandleader Mickey variants, are still heavily infested with bots.

I can't wait to see what the Cola Cola drops are like. They're all so wacky looking, I think it might actually be a phenomenal drop. Whether the bots participate or not. Besides, from the way things are looking right now, I prefer to keep looking up. Tomorrow's drops might actually be a lot of fun!

- Courtney

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The Coca Cola drop was nice! Its great that the bots dont participate in the drops anymore. Now its like in the old days. The veve community can get more than one collectible on one drop! I hope the bots wont be back soon!

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