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My Thoughts on the Current State of VeVe, Post Villains Drop




Snow White Reaction GIF

The Queens of Evil invaded VeVe this weekend, and a sense of quiet has fallen over the land. We’ve got a comic drop tomorrow, but the build up to a comic drop pales in comparison to the build up a collectible drop. Collectible drops have the community rushing forth to share creative and clever showrooms. Meanwhile, comic drops amount to the VeVefam going ‘lookie, I got x, y, and z’ and that’s it. So in the wake of the Reign of Terror, brought on by the new villainous Disney Queens, I’m anxious to see what Veve’s got up their sleeve for the next collectible drop. Will it be Doctor Strange? Will we get Star Wars? Or will we get something entirely out of left field?

The answer remains in the stars, completely enigmatic and tantalizing. All I know is that I’ve got 101 gems, so I feel like I’m ready. Unless it’s a Frank Kozik weekend, then you can count me out lol. He comes off as cocky to me.

Comic drops haven’t yet triggered an abundance of excitement throughout the VeVe community, unlike collectible drops. I feel a quiet storm of anticipation, excitement and anger brewing. Many members of the VeVe community believe we’re getting Star Wars, some of us are waiting on a Doctor Strange drop, others are growing weary of Veve’s silence-

This weekend’s drop should prove pretty interesting indeed.

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