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Quiet Before the Storm? The Night Before Christmas? Or will the Silence Continue?




There's a wave of silence currently flowing through the Veve community, despite comic drops and Star Wars rumors. So much is up in the air, and so many possibilities are dangled right in front of us. Are we on the brink of a new drop system? Are we finally getting comics in our showrooms? Are they about to announce a new IP? Or are we simply going to continue being left in the dark about everything? 

When it comes to Veve, we honestly haven't seen anything yet. Those of us that joined Veve in 2021 or 2022 are just as early as the 2020 OGs. In the end, we're all OGs because when we get down to the nitty gritty, we haven't seen anything yet. There's been updates to the market format, they added a promo code button that's only been used for one special event, they updated our showroom and have taken some steps to stop the reign of bots. But let's look at just a few things that have yet to be accomplished: MCP, Omi to NFT and comics in our showrooms. Localization will cause certain collectibles and maybe even comics to explode. There are still licenses outside of Disney, Marvel and even DC we have yet to explore. We've only seen the Powerpuff Girls from Cartoon Network. 

We still can't take Deadpool's Christmas sweater off.

I know it's been said countless times, but it's true. We're all early. We're all OGs. And we haven't seen anything yet.

What will we see this week? Will the official Veve staff continue to leave us in the dark? Will we see Star Wars, Doctor Strange or something else entirely? What's up with the Silver Surfer comic? Will Moon Knight ever get the respect he deserves on Veve? Will anyone ever love Deadpool? Will any collectible ever go to the moon again? Will we ever get that much-anticipated Pokemon drop?

I have no idea. But unless we're all about to be flushed down the drain, I'm pretty sure of two things: the end of this week should be pretty interesting. And so should the end of the tunnel we're all in.

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