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Veve The Stockholm Syndrome






What is Stockholm Syndrome?

Stockholm syndrome is a condition in which hostages develop a psychological bond with their captors during captivity.

Think of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, that’s Stockholm syndrome in a nutshell. Some see Stockholm syndrome as a person’s way of coping with the stress and danger by becoming friends with it. However you shake it, it’s undeniable that in the Veve community, there is a lot of coping going around.

Are we hostages? It's extremely difficult (and sometimes met with ridicule) to talk openly about a particular project with the community of that project. There seems to be a filtered echo chamber surrounding some aspects of projects like Veve. Those with high hopes usually get those hopes fed back to them by others, and those who are doubtful find themselves among a similarly disillusioned crowd. The only way to really get to the truth is to see and think as a philosopher would: weigh the Pros and Cons, consider the Opportunities and Risks.

This isn’t FUD. We all know the massive potential of Veve, with or without the current team. The licenses and partnerships have real star power, which they could either choose to harness, or waste entirely. Such is the life of any company run by a small group of people. We all hope the direction Veve is headed is the right one, but we shouldn't shy away from calling out the BS. Here are the key things that make this Veve relationship a bit toxic.

1. Can’t Leave or Won’t Leave?  I’d say a combination of both. Veve has been a closed market since its inception in 2020, and though time goes on and the NFT ecosystem around us changes and adapts, our markets remain fully closed. Cash goes in, and (legitimately) nothing comes out. This could change very soon, but as of right now there is no MTL (Cash-out) and despite the IMX link and layer 2, no interoperability either. To compound that, even collectible transfers are now disabled. Won’t blame you if you feel trapped in a changing market that still feels very manipulated. Still, we stick around because we have hope that the market will cycle and start moving in a direction other than down.

2. Influencers or Bad Actors?  Some of our community OG influencers just suck; these people are not your friends. Don’t get me wrong, there are many who are kind, rational and hard-working people who call it as they see it, completely appreciate what they do. But for every good OG there’s another who’s just a bully pretending to be your friend. Not only that, but they also utilize every shady, manipulative tactic in the book for personal gain and still have HUGE amounts of obedient followers. These yes-men/yes-women are not helpful and with all their Veve worshipping tweets can’t seem to provide any useful information or even a drop tip when the time comes. They prevent the newer members from feeling like Veve is an honest and equitable space.

3. Must We Always Forgive and Forget?  Missing deadlines is something the Veve team is professional at, but the major issue is the half-assed communication. Why does KYC/MTL take this long when other platforms seem to find no issues at all with it, even if deployed globally? Drops seem to never skip a beat but every other aspect of Veve, even the app itself, is suffering. Every AMA it’s like we reboot and clear all the previous issues from our brains, there is just no accountability.

Speaking of which... It blows my mind that you can submit a support ticket when a $5 mobile game glitches and get a response from the devs within a couple day. Meanwhile on Veve, a platform that rakes in millions per day in sales and taxes, markets refuse to load properly, and the app occasionally kicks you out for hours. We are forced to forgive and put on a smile, because you know “it could be worse”.

Safe to say then that some in the community are truly experiencing Stockholm syndrome. Anyone who can still admit that Veve needs to improve can breathe a sigh of relief. At the end of the day, Veve is a platform still sorting itself out. Time alone will tell.



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I’m hopeful that veve will ultimately rise to the occasion. But this article is very well written and definitely has fair criticism. Good points!!

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  • VIP

Healthy criticism is necessary for improvement from the current situation. Unfortunately Veve twitter page even blocks users who speaks the truth and call it FUD. This should change. Great article btw

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