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What is your personal grail, VeVefam?




What is your personal grail?  

  1. 1. Tell me what your personal grail is!

    • Comic
    • Collectible

Before Thor rocks everyone's world, VeVefam, I want you to take a moment to reflect on your collection. Regardless of how small you think it is, take a good, long look at it. Look at how far you've come, whether you joined Veve last month, last week or this week. Focus on your favorite comic or collectible. Go through your collection and determine what a grail is for you.

David Yu is adamant about VeVe being a place whether collectors gather. Where collectors fall deeper into love with their favorite IPs and discover new ones. VeVe may have opened you to a brand new comic or a new favorite character. You may have been ignoring your Deadpool (thanks to his Christmas sweater), but you were excited about him the day he dropped. 

The market may be in a bit of a lull. Thor may not cause a market resurgence. But maybe it's time for you to step back and enjoy what you've accumulated so far. Even if your collection only has two pieces in it. Look through it for a few minutes and be proud of what you've accomplished. Enjoy it.

What is your personal grail, Vevefam?

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