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Why am I Still on Veve?




Why are YOU still on VeVe?  

1 member has voted

  1. 1. What makes you stay on Veve?

    • The fun of collecting
    • Community
    • Future IPs
    • Future Veve Features (Comics in showroom, Veveverse, etc)

Me getting a visit from Veve Claus pretty much cements why I still bother with it. That and the fact I'm in love with my Mighty Deadpool Army and my Pili Fantasies.

As someone that doesn't care about MTL, I stay on Veve honestly because of the fun. I don't own any Todds, SR comics or Partners or UR Vaders. I don't have the means to get any of those things. But I love my collection. I love the community (outside of those that do nothing but talk about Grails all day long lol). 

Why do YOU continue to stay on Veve, Vevefam? I made a poll for you to have fun with BUT intentionally left MTL off because I'm not really concerned with those just wanting to cash out and bounce. Have fun. 🙂

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I can 100% agree here.

I love the community and people I already met during my VeVe journey. I love my little collecion I was able to built and I am so excited for whats to come.

And of course I can't wait for VeVeVerse🚀

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