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We're still having a good time, right?




Our very own Mr. SR once told me "We live for the thrill"


As someone who joined around the first Golden Moment drops, I met Veve at the time when Risk was low and Reward was high. With that low risk and high reward came bots, users cheating the system and a host of other technical gremlins. This was the time when Veve development came to a complete standstill, promises but no real activity other than drops. From a business standpoint I can understand the reason, why would you fix the thing bringing in millions a day. Veve could and did drop anything they wanted and it sold instantly. The issues, glitches and bugs from early November persisted well into the new year.

More recently, we have seen the macroeconomics (and some heavy team decisions) flip the previous model on its head; High risk and low reward. Along with this, finally, comes some app development. This has ended our bot problem but also dwindled our community numbers. Some are still having a great time, others feel trapped, and some like me are in between. I share the good and the bad times with my pairology family and that helps me immensely. I'm still having a good time, mistakes are still made, but I've gained a wealth of knowledge and great companions.

In December 2020 the community engagement was at a record high, with many people creating sub-communities, a couple honorable mentions are TokenVeve's VVTG and Bromi's awesome NFT collection, I miss them both. Fast forward to today and some sub-communities and giveaways have persisted, with old and new members, I'm so happy VeveFestivus is back. The creativity has not stopped either; Poo Drops, NotSure's creations like Rickey RatVipersDen, Broken Crayons and all the Vaultoholics, just to name a few, have kept the creativity alive. I have so much respect for all of you.

And never fear, our Pairology has stepped in and made this community feel wholesome once more with this Pairology World platform 💖. These blogs are testimony to the amazing work he's done and the friendships he has helped to form.

Once we keep on keeping on, learning and making better decisions for ourselves (while the Veve team do their job), there's no doubt in my mind. WAGMI!

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