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  1. What's new in this club
  2. I think it will be delayed and comes in May. Perhaps a comic drop which will only be available for a few of us and the others will paticipate with the old drop system...
  3. What is the name of this show. I remember watching this ❤️
  4. Hii I am Arvinth from India started my Veve journey a month ago
  5. Hi! I am Marc from Germany. I am a teacher and Veve collector!
  6. Do you think it comes this month? And will it be a big IP drop or just a "unknown" comic to try if the system works?
  7. Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist
  8. Hii I m just a regular crazy dude from India
  9. Thanks for the info @KingCrypto! I like to play clash royale. I did not yet tested Epico Regal, but I will try it!
  10. Bet those 3 will definitely be smaller games. Yeah and Epiko Regal seems to be one of them. In app purchases with OMI would be awesome. I already played it several times and I am not really sure how to rate it. Characters are cool and you have clans and clan chat, but overall it's just a copy of clash royale; so it does not feel unique. And I think this fact will slow the apps growth, because most people probably will stick to the OG game.🤔
  11. Hi! I am Alice from Germany! I am a mom and grandma. I love to cook!
  12. What are your thoughts: which game will be the first we can play with Omi utility? Will it be a play to earn? Some of the veve fam think it will be Epico regal or feshees.... Rhys said there will be three games this year...I am super excited! Have you already played Epico regal?

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