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About This Club

Welcome to the Pairologists Club. Followers of Pairology and Cats Join the club, become a Pairologist today!
  1. What's new in this club
  2. For me, the top 5 are: 1. Walt Statue 2. Todd McFarlane of Batman 3. R2D2 4. Superman 5. Dark Vader (Really really having a bad time right now since I mistakenly sold my Superman uncommon for 100 gems instead of 1000. Such a big mistake on my part, just keeping the head up after it) 😩
  3. 1. Partners Statue 2. R2D2 3. Superman 4. Todd 5. Elsa
  4. Hi I have invested in crypto and the stock market but I would recommend you to search and learn about these before you invest.
  5. Hi mate I invest in medical cannabis with crypto which is a very good passive income model,message me for more info
  6. I am looking for suggestions from anyone who might know of a good passive incomes that are worth investing in. I am looking to find more projects for my investment portfolio so hopefully someone can offer some advice.
  7. I have an issue because of my collectibles are my favorite. I don’t think I can sell any. My top 5 owned collectibles: 1. Walt and Mickey 2. Amelia Earhart 3. Homer and Bart 4. secret rare black panther 5. Superman
  8. Its just an open statement. I am fan of your favourites bro 😁
  9. Hello VeVe enthusiast and savants, are you gathering more collectibles or comics lately (what rarity)?
  10. Questions a bit confusing, are you asking my personal opinion on the most iconic listed on VeVe? Or that I personally own? I'll give you my favorite. 1. Homer and Bart 2. Iron Man 3. Wonder Women 4. Jim Lee Batman 5. Jim Lee The Joker
  11. One of my top 5 collectibles on veve is the golden moment R2D2. That is a holy grail!
  12. What is your top 5 most iconic collectibles that have appeared on Veve?
  13. So, you took the leap. Took the Red Pill, if you will. You’re now all Pairologists. Get ready. You’re part of the dopest community West of the Mason Dixon.
  14. ZappZaddy


    Man, I may have to get a torch now! Didn't know he looked that good
  15. You've got to get an emergency ugly sweater to keep in your closet lmao. I have 2 for events
  16. Lol good idea Zapp! The one I’m wearing was homemade btw pretty obvious the craft store was out of red but a pink Santa and pink bows totally elevated it anyway
  17. I'm have to look up if they make DP's sweater for like, real life humans. Need one haha
  18. ZappZaddy


    Damn. That looks
  19. jdot


    Doc said Woody was a bit light… he needed his bags pumped!
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