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About This Club

Share your memories from the golden age of classic arcade games.
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  2. I assume you were old enough for Gauntlet @ZappZaddy. Legendary co-op πŸ€—.
  3. I'm a 70s/80s kid, so it's classics like Galaxians, Space Invaders, Asteroids and my all-time favorite Centipede that still hold a draw for me. Centipede took my whole month's allowance in one afternoon - after that, it was weekly rationing of the allowance for me πŸ˜ƒ. The noise of the arcades, is one of my abiding memories of childhood and vacations. Even with that noise, you could still pick out games by sound and go find them.
  4. Yes!!! Arcade games are the best!! I’m glad there are arcade bars popping up around the US now full of the best arcade games!
  5. They really don't make games like they used to! I feel like real Co-op / Multiplayer is becoming a thing of the past.
  6. There’s a nostalgia feeling arcade machines give me. So many memories growing up of me in the arcade rooms. My favourite was mortal kombat. So it was an easy purchase when this arcade1up popped up. I had to mod it to enjoy all the other games. Glad it’s in my collection now.
  7. Brings back memories of the 90s for me. I spent hours at the arcade every day playing Street fighter, mortal kombat, killer instict and Turtles. I miss those days.
  8. Right!? Idk If I've replayed a game so much in my life! I think Bart was my favorite too. Skateboard attack was mean.
  9. I loved that game! Co-op was really fun! Bart’s skateboard πŸ”₯
  10. So when I was about 15 I had a family friend who had a massive room filled with Simpsons collectibles. When they moved to the West Coast (USA) they had to get rid of their Simpson's Arcade Cabinet. I bought the thing for 20 bucks - modified it so I could flip a switch for more lives (instead of inserting coins) - and threw it in my garage. I spent literally 100's of hours replaying the same game over and over again (Co-Op, so the friends loved it too). When I went to college in 2010, the cabinet was dusty, the tube-style screen in it had died, and I hadn't played it in forever. But man, coming home and finding out it had been thrown away in some tidy-up hit me hard. I would've loved to fix that sucker up again.

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