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HRO is a platform that includes digital and physical cards, combining blockchain technology and in-store presence. This group is dedicated to all HRO discussion and content!
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  2. GL... I got on late and never got to preorder...
  3. I live in the DC, MD, VA area and have been checking no success. The fun part is I have run into other HRO/Veve folks looking lol. So now just waiting for my preorders and crossing fingers I pull a few good cards from those packs.
  4. I’ve been checking two states - I finally rolled up today when the shelves were being restocked. There was a guy who had gotten there right before me and he grabbed the only 8pk box. There were 17 singles and he was thankfully nice enough to split them and let me have 9 of the singles. They didn’t even hit the shelves as the rep handed them straight to us.
  5. Completely understandable. The Gale did a poll on what the meaning of pre-order was something along the lines of securing the product or securing and receiving before public drop. I don’t care if you call it a pre order or a pre sale … it should arrive before you can find it in the wild as that’s the whole point, in my opinion, that I bought it beforehand. But to be far, even Sony could not control target and Walmart from the PS5 drop. At least Amazon had waited until midnight for that lol.
  6. I'm dissapointed about the fact people could buy packages at Wallmart before the people who bought at presale received theirs. What is the use of pre ordering then. And I agree about the fact the feedback isn't up to par to say the least. For what is worth this is the update about the deliveries. ⬇️
  7. Guess we not the only ones missing out... it sucks not seeing them for sure.
  8. Its Thursday 21st April, the week we were supposed to be seeing deliveries of pre-orders starting on the 18th, and barring a few payments taken, it seems they have no update to provide us. Seeing customer service offer (unsolicited) to cancel peoples pre-orders is in poor taste. I'm assuming this is just their suppliers lying to them about deliverables and an overzealous team, but I must say I'm disappointed 😔
  9. Haha I bought ten had a chance to buy twenty. Full of regrets. Too bad I opened all the packs also.
  10. Tried over 20 Walmarts in SoCal and nothing
  11. Trying 3 Walmart’s on rotation and nothing!
  12. Just won this bad boy in a giveaway 🤩
  13. Can't wait for the next digital drop!!!! I will max out the limit this time.
  14. Anyone here have luck buying from Walmart? What tactics did you use, other than just randomly walking in? Let us know if anyone have any.
  15. How did we do? So far I got 1 epic Alfred, 2 superior Batgirl and Ras al Ghul 5 uncommon Scarecrow, King Shark, Killer Croc and 2 Deadshot 4 common Solomon Grundy, Katana, Clayface and Black Mask
  16. I've tried the second option yesterday worked as a charm. Also not that difficult to do. We did a transfer of 6 cards. No problem at all. You just have to transfer it one by one.
  17. Packs are going for $$$ I’d hold. If anything you can always rip packs later. Update on my previously asked question : “also, there may be a limit of how many times you can transfer a card (not including someone actually purchasing the card)… still trying to figure that out anyone had this issue? “ it may just involve one’s that are listed that won’t let you offer trade. Still not 💯 sure though
  18. I missed this topic 😆 I tried the app but I only saw buy now timer and not the queue invite list. Probably because NL was out of their region drop. Web version said, Sorry, Hro isn't available in your region yet. So I had a workaround because of Web VPN and registered for the Invite. Got a invite to buy now after 4 min waiting, bought 2 and later 2 again and then it sold out. Did not open packs yet. Brainstorming myself what to do with it lol
  19. 💯 I haven’t tried the second option but the first one works! also, there may be a limit of how many times you can transfer a card (not including someone actually purchasing the card) … still trying to figure that out 🧐 anyone had this issue?
  20. Alright so the verdict is... You cannot send unopened packs to friends, and you cannot trade cards within the HRO app for nothing in return. My workaround was - have my friend open his packs on my phone, and I traded him his 15 cards for 1 card in return (each party in the trade must offer at least 1 thing or you receive a "this trade is not fair" error message. Second workaround, which I have not tried myself but is deemed legit from some trustworthy folks is this: Send the desired card to IMX, transfer from IMX to TokenTrove - and from there you can send them to whoever. Again, I haven't personally done it, so I can't be of much help, but I know it works that way! Much love
  21. Will do so. I'm also curious about what people will get of the package. Hope big wins, low mints and high tiers. Let's go!
  22. That’s awesome! Best of luck! Please share a post of what you get. Would love to see everybody’s collection!
  23. Well I'm ready for it. Can't hardly wait actually. I'm like a lil kid waiting to open surprises on Christmas' day. I'm whitelisted thanks to a friend of mine! Well we split the WL. Best of luck to the Pairology community who participate in the HRO drop 🤞🏾
  24. Today is the big day, be ready for the drop. People that were able to join the Whitelist you have an hour or so from this post so be ready. People that weren’t fortunate enough will have to wait for the public sale (like me). See start and end time below. If you are in any list make sure you go to the web browser to deposit funds. Do not do it thru Apple Store you will pay a lot more.
  25. Good morning, @ZappZaddy @teewee @Sara Thank you for the given solution. All is crystal clear now. The workaround solution is definitely a great one. Thank you all for thinking things trough. Much appreciated I will also split the wl with two friends. So it will split in three. Wish you all the best of luck!
  26. Hahaha I feel you! Oh true, I think it is after the drop starts for general public that we then would be able to do both of those things … not sure if we have to wait until the very end to list or open packs - Seeing as that’s kind of a perk to getting whitelisted for a guaranteed opportunity and being the first ones to open and list.

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