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About This Club

General NFT Chat. Youtube channel as well.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Free WWE Genesis NFT. This one could be good but I get a sense that they may market to your email so be aware.
  3. I think Veve should fair the best. The other 2 though have an advantage initially. Recur has a gamification in Star Trek (and will be deployable on multiple blockchains and HRO is in stores already. Veve needs to get moving to curb the rise of others and I would say the veveverse is a long way away.
  4. VeVe without a doubt. Best IP and relationships with big business, no one is further in development.
  5. What is your opinion on what the future king of the NFT space will be? Veve, Recur, or HRO
  6. I'm hearing reports of some people burning their golden tokens. This is a mistake. If you did this see the response from support on the wax discord. Hey, this is currently what we have with regards to this; for those who have burned one of their tokens accidentally, this is what they will need to do: 1. Navigate to a block explorer ( or 2. Search your wallet name in the search box to bring up your account history. 3. Review your transactions for "atomicassets - burnasset" I'll include a pic below 4. On that burn transaction you will see an "Asset ID" Record that 5. Send an email to with the subject line "Hot Wheels S2 token burned" 6. Paste the burned asset IDs into the email and we'll take it from there. If you are unsure if your asset is a Hot Wheels Token, you can do an NFT search at AtomicHub to see what each asset it before submitting your email.
  7. Chance of : Hotwheels Series 2 giveaway.
  8. Not Financial advice: If you are a pass holder you should consider buying a cheap NFTU card as you may be eligible for a airdropped pack if you do. Details Here. NFTU Pass Holder Reward Drop | RECUR | Medium RECUR.MEDIUM.COM We are thrilled to announce the NFTU Pass Holder Reward Drop! You can find some cards under $2.
  9. I'm in Topshot, Nfl All day and even got 1 pack of UFC Strike. Sold all my TS to crossover to Veve though. Lol. UFC Strike is a little disappointing at the moment. Heard HRO's going to drop sports card. Would like to see some hockey cards. Been collecting them since I was real young.
  10. Yup. Patrick Mahomes also had some sort of marketing gig with All Day.
  11. Who is excited for the HotWheels series 2 drop? It will be really interesting to see what the physical cards from the NFTs sell for. I have 3 being shipped at the moment. 1 being a Treasure Hunt.
  12. Personally I am just into NBA and UFC. I am a big UFC fan and collected NBA cards as a kid. I don't have good knowledge of the others so I haven't dived into them. There is just so many options for people now that I pick and choose, unlike when Topshot started and that was really it. What about you?
  13. Nfl all day on dapper is linked to the nfl from what I've seen.
  14. Oh man 500k+! And he announced his come back just after the ball was bought! Lol

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