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Resident Evil 4


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Resident Evil 4

A PlayStation 2 port of Resident Evil 4 was released on October 25, 2005. Despite earlier rumors of a downgraded port due to the PlayStation 2's hardware limitations, impressions of the port based on a preview build have been generally favorable. Additionally, almost all the GameCube's real-time cut scenes were converted into movie files in order to maintain a better quality. This results in the player's character appearing wearing their default costume, regardless of which accessories or outfits were actually chosen. Furthermore, voices and sound effects quality outside of the cut-scenes had been reduced due to disc space being quickly used and audio RAM constraints. To compensate for the late release, Capcom added new content made specifically for the PlayStation 2 release: - Separate Ways (The Another Order in Japan), a five chapter minigame which revolves around Ada Wong's involvement in Resident Evil 4, and her connection to Albert Wesker, a former member of the Raccoon City's - S.T.A.R.S. division, who is now attempting to revive Umbrella. During the minigame, the player can use two exclusive weapons (a pump-action shotgun and a bowgun with explosive arrows). - Ada's Report, a five-part documentary, which analyzes Ada's relationship with a particular character and their role in the plot. One unlocks portions of the documentary as they progress through the Separate Ways minigame. - New costume set, which portrays Leon as a 1930s mobster, and puts Ashley in an indestructible suit of armor. If equipped while Leon is in his Mobster costume, the Chicago Typewriter turns into the 1928 model, with a drum magazine as opposed to the regular box magazine. Since the Chicago Typewriter has infinite ammo, and thus no need to reload, hitting the reload button while in the mobster costume and aiming the Chicago Typewriter will result in a "taunt" from Leon, one in which he adjusts his hat, the other he throws the hat into the air, catching it while posing. In addition to the Mobster and Knight outfits Leon can be equipped with a Raccoon City police uniform with Ashley wearing a somewhat revealing pop-star outfit. - P.R.L. 412 (Plaga Removal Laser), a laser gun which can be used to instantly destroy enemies. Unlocked by beating the Professional difficulty setting. - Movie Browser, a feature that allows the player to view cutscenes from the both Separate Ways and the main game. The feature is unlocked after a player beats the game. - Amateur mode, an easier difficulty setting which is exclusive to the Japanese and Spanish versions.

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  • Themes
    Action, Horror and Survival
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  • Perspectives
    Third person
  • Gameplay
    Single player
  • Platforms
    PlayStation 2 and PC (Microsoft Windows)
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