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Top 5 most iconic Veve collectibles


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Questions a bit confusing, are you asking my personal opinion on the most iconic listed on VeVe? Or that I personally own?

I'll give you my favorite.

1. Homer and Bart

2. Iron Man

3. Wonder Women

4. Jim Lee Batman

5. Jim Lee The Joker


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I have an issue because of my collectibles are my favorite. I don’t think I can sell any. My top 5 owned collectibles:

1. Walt and Mickey 

2. Amelia Earhart

3. Homer and Bart

4. secret rare black panther

5. Superman

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On 4/20/2022 at 3:45 AM, Joave said:

What is your top 5 most iconic collectibles that have appeared on Veve?

For me, the top 5 are:

1. Walt Statue

2. Todd McFarlane of Batman

3. R2D2

4. Superman

5. Dark Vader


(Really really having a bad time right now since I mistakenly sold my Superman uncommon for 100 gems instead of 1000. Such a big mistake on my part, just keeping the head up after it) 😩

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