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My Tips concerning Veve


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Hey guys Mondz here again... 

I'm going to tell you my tips on how I'm veve-ing now.. 

So please note they are the only nfts I own thus far apart from the other DC hyped one but nonetheless I'm fully invested in veve and I love them...

Soooo from the very beginning when I joined in I only bought what I could afford which wasn't much!😅

But as I grew knowledge and understanding I gain courage and confidence to make moves in the market  lol...

Tip #1: Never get Emotionally attached to your collection (this is hard to do but you'll learn to with time)

#2: Never risk what you CAN NOT AFFORD TO LOSE. 

#3: Understand that not all drops you will get in on (so make peace with it 😅)

#4: Do NOT and I repeat DO NOT want everything  that's on the app (you won't appreciate what you have)

And my last tip for this blog is:

#5: Buy Low (stack if you can) and Sell High not the other way around...

Always remember guys we have the power in our hands to list what we value our collectibles for... 

Hope these help and I wish you all the best!! 🙌💫

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This is so true. I get emotionally attached with some comics and if i had sold them to buy some collectibles while the bots were dumbing i could have made profits and bought the same comics.

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