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Thriller or paranormal stories


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Hi guys I’m rogit from India, when I was 16 years old our family moved to a new home located deep in the countryside. The property came with acres of land that surrounded our home and neighbours were very less and far away. After a few days of moving in, we used to find objects misplaced around the house, for example, we found the car keys in the refrigerator. Although we brushed these as our mistakes we came upon things that were unexplainable like hearing footsteps and having this feeling of being watched. One night while I was sleeping in my room I got up in the middle of the night for some reason and saw this shadow figure standing in the doorway. I could make out it to be a woman with scruffy hair and no facial features. I froze for a minute. When it noticed me seeing it, it hide behind the doorway and peeped at me. after coming back to my senses I screamed at it, the figure just vanished into thin air, my mom came running hearing my screams and I explained to her everything. We finally moved to a different house a few months later. To this day I clearly remember every detail from that night.

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