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      Love this movie! Emotional, because it shows how soldiers struggle to be a normal guy after they get back home from war.

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      Saw this with my grandchildren and laughed a lot! 🙂 Nice movie!

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      A classic Christmas movie and an 80s favourite. Lots of memorable quotes and scenes action packed and tense from start to end. I like how the secondary characters have a very important role. The scene of "long arms" Gruber at the end is unforgettable, if you have not seen this you must rent the vhs this coming Friday. 

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      This could have been so much worse, but actually NC pulls it off and the movie is enjoyable and flows quite well. Horror and comedy are a though mix and often a recipe for disaster, but in the end this is worth a watch of you are stuck for choice. 

      This is one of the funniest, most original TV series (you must watch the film too) of all times. The humor is dry and dark (well they're vampires) and one of the few instances where the TV series is a good spin off of the original movie (which if I'm not wrong is from New Zealand) recommended. 

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